In our comfortable 4 apartments (very soon to be 5 apartments) we would like our guests to feel at home. We offer a variety of apartment designs ranging from classic old world Slovenija to a more modern style. The pictures of our apartments accurately represent what they will look like upon arrival minus a possible surprise fresh fruit and vegetable basket from the Mihelič garden, of course, when in season and available. We are happy to suggest activities in the region, which reputable companies to choose from and introduce you to the culture of Bovec.  Please do not hesitate to contact us, let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help!


Free Parking

Fully Furnished

Free WiFi



Bovec Main Square


All 4 of our apartments are just a short walk to the main square. Full of many dinning options, wine bars, local & handmade craft shops, grocery stores and Bovec first craft brewery - THIRSTY RIVER. 

*KUHNJCA LOKALNIH DOBROT - Don't miss the local cuisine hut in main square. Fresh picked mushrooms from the forest, local cheese and grilled polenta.

*TERRAMYSTICA - Great place to enjoy your morning coffee and toast or afternoon treat.

FREE CONCERTS - held July - August.

BOVEC DAY - street fair with local handmade crafts held in July.

POTATO NIGHT - local street fair with handmade crafts, sheep parading through the street and other entertainment held second weekend in August.

BOFF - Bovec Outdoor Film Festival held at the end of December.


NEW YEAR EVE PARTY - Ringing in the new year with live music or DJ and plenty of drinks and food for all.

Soča River & Activities


There are a variety of activities offered in Bovec, which include, but are not limited to, rafting, kayaking, hiking, historical sight seeing, skydiving, yoga, biking, canyoning and zip lining. We are more than happy to book your activities or suggest a reputable company.

Please take a look at these reputable companies.

Nature's Ways - for your rafting and canyoning needs.


Terramystica Adventures- for your Kayaking, pack rafting, rafting and canyoning needs.


AdZENtures Yoga - morning yoga sessions at the airfield or on top of Kanin Mountain. Sunset yoga on Mangrt with wine and/or beer.


DK Sport - for your mountain biking, kayaking and ski adventure. 


Kanin & Activities


Take time for the hike and/or gondola ride up to Kanin. Don't miss the spectacular window through the mountain, the breath taking panorama views of the valley, Austrian and Italian mountains in the distance and on clear days the Adriatic Sea.

Kanin is also a great winter destination! A fully loaded resort offering ski and ride lessons, dinning experiences and fun for the whole family.  


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